(Guide) How to Monetize Youtube Channel (quickly) and Start Earning



Hello Everyone,

I have created a Youtube Channel Life Beyond Visibility in September 2015 but never got time to create videos and…


 only created my first video on 15th July 2017. 1

and today within 35 days my channel is monetized and now it can start earning from youtube videos.


I would like to share, how my channel reached to this point organically.


  1. Total 10000 views required for channel to be monetized.
  2. Adsense Account required.
  3. Original Content & crediting if you use someone else background music.
  4. Smaller videos for starting, i will advice not more than 2 minute long.
  5. Sharing your video on sites like https://www.reddit.com/ , https://voat.co/ , Facebook, Whatsapp, Google+, Tumbler, Stumble Upon.
  6. Using Forums – forums are the best way to spread your videos organically. I use tapatalk and post my video links in appropriate forums.
  7. Blogging – In blogging, i have only use wordpress till now, and associated my wordpress account with tumbler,stumble upon,twitter,facebook so i dont need to post one by one on these. 

    8. Google Ads (Adword Account required)- Google ads are best way  to get lot of views in minimum amount if you use a simple trick. As our initial target is to reach 10000 views so i bid on google ads minimum amount.

here trick is to to choose Max CPV to minimum and that makes your per view spent minimum & affordable.


so i kept my Max.CPV to 0.30 rs and that makes my Avg. Cost lower than 0.20 rs per view.

You might be wondering why google allows it, reason behind that this 0.30 might be low according to my currency(Indian Rupees) but its value is much higher for currencies of Vietnam,Thailand,Pakistan,Bangladesh etc. as our requirement is to reach 10000 videos view,  so it doesn’t matter from which country traffic is coming.

Note: Keep your daily campaign budget in check otherwise you would have to pay lot of amount to google adwords.


9. Copyrights: Its important not to use someone else content in your channel that keeps your channel healthy & growing.copy

10. Music : Every Youtuber initailly face problem in getting background music, there are many sites which provides copyright free use free only if you credit them. I use one such website http://www.bensound.com

11. Using Movies or Album Music : Most of the big youtube channel allow you to use their music on one condition that they will monetize the ad on that particular video.


Please feel free to ask any question.

Golden Rule : Be creative & respect others content and give proper credits wherever needed.